Would you like to experience your inner power and be in control of your life? Would you like to live life out loud, be fully present, stand with confidence, speak your truth?

Here, on this site, I write about creativity, intentional living and my experience. My aim is to enable you to connect the dots in your life and be intentional in all that you do. In my Closed Facebook Group ‘The Companions’ you can interact with me personally.

The Companions – Why?


In my shift from email newsletters and blog comments to this Facebook Group I have adopted the name ‘The Companions’, why?

Jimmy Savile and Rape Culture

Graham Phoenix finds the term ‘rape culture’ offensive, but in hearing the British Health Secretary, this week, reporting to the British Parliament on the Savile Affair, he questions whether his being offended is valid any more.

MAS025 The Virtual Men’s Gathering

What is it like in a Men’s Group? What is a Men’s Group for? What does it do? 6 members of my group joined the show to talk about the online Men’s Group and the future show, ‘Men and…’.

Journey to the Core of the Masculine
‘Conversations about Men and Masculinity’
and ‘A 40 Day Challenge for Men’

“Outstanding, insightful and thought-provoking”
“Finally. Dialogue to comprehend!!!”

The two sections of the book link together into a unique and powerful whole. The first is a series of conversations I had with Christopher Howard on masculinity, sex, addiction and relationships. The second is a challenge for men to spend 40 days reflecting on themselves and their life.