Sex Tonight – 10 Ways To Woo Your Woman

sex tonight

Sex is important to men, not just because it’s fun, but also because it’s a way of establishing a deep connection with women.


I want sex tonight, we all want sex tonight but we want the right kind of sex. We don’t want the old, macho, sex where we just go for quick pleasure. We don’t want to dominate our woman and hope she enjoys herself. We don’t want to hope for the best, hope that we get it right, hope our desire is returned.

In this era of integrated, re-awakened men we need to understand our needs, but more importantly we need to understand our woman’s needs. Just barge ahead and we are bound for failure. Do we know what puts men off women?

So here’s a quick run-down on how to woo your woman and get all the sex tonight you want:

Sex Tonight!

1. Give her the attention she desires – all the time
Don’t drift back into your shell, your man-cave, when she is around.

2. Be totally present with her
You need to understand what she is saying and what she wants.

3. Anticipate her needs and desires
You should know her so well that you give her what she wants before she realises she wants it.

4. Surprise her
Women love a man who does something different. Leave the old patterns behind, catch her off guard.

5. Read the signals
She wants you to make the first move, but she wants you to know that she is ready. So many men completely miss the signals.

6. Know what you want
You need to be certain of what you want, no hesitation or doubt. Be a rock.

7. Communicate what you want
She needs to know that you are strong and certain. It can free her from doubt or mistrust in you.

8. Remember, she started long before you
Sex for a woman begins long before a man thinks it does. If you have it right she’s off before you realise it.

9. Remember sex is intimacy, be intimate
It you look on it as just a physical act you’ll get nowhere, connect with her, deeply.

10. Relax and have some fun
That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

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