Graham Reid Phoenix Rocks The World

Graham Reid Phoenix has hit a milestone on its path of world domination. It is set to join ‘The Art of Manliness‘ and ‘The Good Men Project‘ as one of the important sites for men and men’s issues.

Graham Reid Phoenix

In October Graham Reid Phoenix crushed it with two new records. It achieved a monthly record of 19,026 page views in the month and it passed an all time total of 250,000 page views.

These are records worth celebrating as Graham Reid Phoenix becomes better known, more authoritative and a more mature site.

The site has been running for around two years. It started with nothing other than my vision and my dedication. As more people have found the site and been affected by its authenticity and its power it has grown to be a go to site in the men’s issues niche.

Keep supporting Graham Reid Phoenix and keep passing it on to others who might be helped by its straight forward view on important issues for men.

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