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10 Powerful Blogs For Men To Create Abundance

This was the easiest list of powerful blogs for men to create. Everyone wants to make money online but not many men actually achieve it.

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There is a difference between monetizing a blog and running a business online. When you run a business the blog becomes a vehicle for promoting the business and gaining authority, it ceases to be the way of making money.

These 10 blogs are leaders in creating abundance, running a business online, promoting it and making money. If you are creating abundance online these are essential to your success. Learn from the failures and successes of others and get creating


Darren Rowse – ProBlogger


I’m a full time Blogger making a living from blogs

Darren Rowse is a blogger who had turned it into a business. He runs this and several other blogs. He gives sound and well researched advice on how to build your blog into a business.

He says, “As my blogs have grown in popularity and have begun to generate income Blogging has grown from a hobby (some would say an obsession), to a part time job through to a fully fledged business in recent times. I have slowly built my blogging into a income source that has enabled me to dedicate more and more time to the medium to the point where I am currently a full time blogger – a ProBlogger.”

  • Planning for the Year Ahead: My Approach on dPS and ProBlogger
    It is important that you schedule when you are running a business. Looking at the year ahead is not like making resolutions in your personal life. It is about assessing how things have worked last year and deciding what you want to achieve next year; then putting it in the calendar. Here Darren talks about how he does it in his business.
  • Blogging in Brief: Ebooks, Print Books, Conferences and More
    There is some great advice about publishing ebooks and print books. Publishing your work outside of your blog is essential of you want to build authority for your business. Use this post to expand and improve howe you do this.


Brian Clark – CopyBlogger


We Don’t Just Preach Content Marketing …
We Built Our Company With It

Copyblogger started as a simple one-man blog. Today, Copyblogger Media is a software and training organization with more than 100,000 customers — and it was all done with useful content, smart copywriting, and solid products and services.

It is a great resource on copywriting and running a blog as a business. This is a site that is well worth visiting regulalrly.

  • 13 Reasons the Future Belongs to the Writer
    A short post of 13 lines, but packed with great information. It tells you about writing headlines and how to understand the new Google Author Ranking, vital to SEO now. It intersperses these with links about writing for films, gretting cards and other great ideas for writers.
  • The Top 10 Ways to Get the Traffic You Crave
    Any onlione business relies on traffic for its customers. the problem that most people have is how to find and develop that traffic. There is the myth of the A-Listers you JV with who brings you thousands of subscribers, did anyone see where they went? This is a great place to start on this quest.


Sean d’Souza – Psychotactics


Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t)

Sean d’Souza has a great site that digs deep into the psychology of marketing and running a business. He writes in a fun way that makes it easy to absorb his ideas – he has great little cartioons as well.

He says, “Do you really understand how the marketing brain works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to make your business generate greater revenues? Wouldn’t your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood these psychological marketing ideas?”

  • The Magic of Double-Whammy Headlines: And How To Use Their Enormous Power
    A double whammy headline is a headline that is really a headline with two partners. And like most partnerships, one partner takes on a slightly bigger role. Use double-whammy headlines often when getting the attention of your audience because duos work well.

  • Why Daily Learning Beats Gobble-Gobble Learning

    The best way to learn something, is to slow things down. It takes most people about 2-3 years to become extremely proficient at a skill like writing or drawing. With the right teacher and the right system this can be shortened to just 6-8 months. This post helps you to see how not to do it.


Derek Halpern – Social Triggers

Social Triggers

Do You Know What Makes People “Tick” Online?

Derek’s blog is fairly new but has taken the blogging world by storm. As he says, “If you want to turn web traffic into leads and sales, you’re in the right place. If you’re not getting any traffic, you’re also in the right place. Here’s the deal: You must learn about human psychology to get traffic and sales online.”

His detailed and insightful posts are essential for anyone trying to get traffioc and create a business on line. He pulls no punches but has real actionable ideas. Much of my work on Graham Reid Phoenix has been influenced by Derek.

  • How to Get Major Press For Your Startup, Small Business, Or Website (with No Connections and Without a PR firm)
    This is a technique that can help you big time, it is called the drafting technique. Step 1: Figure out what you’d like to promote. Step 2: Find people who are interested in it. Step 3: Persuade those people to cover you. It is simple and powerful.
  • Why Bloggers Fail
    According to one source, there are more than 164 million blogs. Most of these blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month, and the harsh reality is, the majority of those blogs are, for lack of a better word, failures. Derek takes you through the reasons they fail and what to do about it.


Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Work better, be brave, and Tell Bigger Stories

Chris has an idiosyncratic blog that helps guide creative people through the process of writing, publishing and promoting. he writes short, punchy posts that make you think about yout business.

He runs a business design company using publishing and media to provide tools and smarts to help professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave.

  • Content Marketing That Gets You Buyers
    Do you write to sell your products or do you write to get people to love your work. There is a difference and if you are running a business you need to be doing the former. Get started on the road of being serious about business.
  • Work Hard and Play Harder
    If you’re a creative, by default, you’re a bit needy. But accept it, and learn how to feed yourself in other ways, and you’ll find that you can manage those feelings a little better. Ignore these facts and you’ll be frustrated more often, upset that someone hasn’t yet come and realized the masterwork you’ve created, annoyed that someone else hasn’t tapped you on the shoulder to point out to others your genius.


Yaro Starak – Entrepreneurs Journey

Entrepreneurs Journey

Down to earth tips and advice for internet entrepreneurs

Yaro has made his living from his blog for his whole working life. He has followed many different roads through his travelling, speaking and writing.

He charts his entrepreneur’s journey so you can crearte your own. His experience teaches the importance of finding balance between how much you work, how much money you want, how much time you spend developing yourself personally and who you have around you to share your life with.


Michael Stelzner – Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

Your Guide To The Social Media Jungle

Michael Stelzner runs the go-to site on Social Media. Everyone wants to make social media work for their busines, but few achieve that. There is a way and Michael knows it.

Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest online social media magazine, it helps businesses discover how to best use social media, blogs and podcasts to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate more brand awareness and increase sales. Their mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.

  • Measuring Social Media: How to Determine Your ROI
    This is a content packed podcast that explores why so many businesses struggle to determine the ROI of their social media activities and what’s really important in social media measurement. You’ll learn the most important steps that all marketers should take when thinking about social ROI. A detailed look at a vital subject.
  • 26 Tips for Getting Started With Social Media Marketing
    This is a phenomenal post with 26 tips for social media marketing. They are important tips that will give a lot of pointers on how to direct your focus.


Corbett Barr – Think Traffic

Think Traffic

Build a thriving and profitable audience for your site

Corbett Barr has been one of my online role models for a number of years. He has built Think Traffic from a simple blog to an authority site in the blogging field. He is moving into helping people learn about business, about to use a blog for busioness.

He is s great writer and he believes in creating content that is ‘Epic Shit”, read his articles, they are well worth it.

  • 5 Crucial Steps to Make Your Brand a Movement
    You have a unique message you need to get out to the world. If your branding is strictly branding, then you’re missing out on a wealth of community support, momentum, and loyalty that can take your blog or business to the next level. When people feel like they’re fighting WITH you, instead of watching you fight your own battle, they’re more likely to support and encourage you however they can.
  • Beyond Traffic: How to Measure What Really Matters
    Traffic is fun to measure, but it probably isn’t what really matters to you or your business. It’s easy to get caught up trying to attract more and more visitors, more social shares and more subscribers, but how do you know if those things are helping you accomplish what you really care about? Corbett helps you to see the light.


J D Roth – Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly

Personal Finance That Makes Cents

Get Rich Slowly — recently named a best blog of 2011 by Time magazine and most inspiring money blog by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance. You will not find any get-rich-quick schemes there, nor will you find multi-level marketing fads or hot stock tips. Instead, you’ll find daily information about personal finance and related topics.

J D Roth shares stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. This is a vital addition to understanding how to run your business.

  • Reader Stories: Starting to see financial fitness muscle!
    This is a post from a reader who has gained control over her debt and her finances. It teaches a great lesson in being open about your money and planning ahead.

  • Make more money as a subject matter expert

    The value of leveraging your expertise is that it opens doors for you. Acknowledging, and using, your area of expertise is like pushing a snowball down a hill. As you’re recognized as an expert, more and more opportunities will come knocking on your door. Soon your snowball gets bigger and bigger, growing without as much effort from you.


Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do online

Pat Flynn writes a popular, and successful, blog in which he is as transparent as possible with everything he does online. His businesses, his strategies and his income – it’s all out there for you to see. He’s not trying to show off his success – that’s definitely not his purpose. If you’re already doing business online, his experiences – both wins and failures – can help you reach your goals.

He has moved into podcasting as well. I love his site and get lots of really sensible advice from it.

  • Blog to eBook to Membership Site in Less Than a Year – Starting Smart with Trevor Page
    One year ago, Trevor Page was working a comfortable 9 to 5 job. Today, he’s working for himself. Trevor is still in the “beginning stages” of his online business career, but for someone who is just starting out he’s doing really well for himself. He’s not making millions (yet), but he’s extremely close to replacing the income he had working 9 to 5, and he’s enjoying his work that much more.
  • How to Profit by Giving it All Away: The Missing Ingredient
    Develop niche expertise and give it all away to your followers through high quality posts, podcasts, and videos. The premise is that great content eventually draws targeted traffic. You then monetize throngs of hungry visitors with the best tools available to satisfy their unmet needs. They joyfully buy from your site because they know, like and trust you to direct them to the best resources.


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