Exploring the Core of the Masculine

Interview – Michael Taylor

Welcome to ‘The MaleXperience Interview Series‘ where I talk to men who are on the edge, men who are making a difference, men who are re-defining what masculinity means. Today I talk to Michael Taylor of the radio show ‘A New Conversation with Men‘.

Michael believes ‘It’s Time For A New Revolution‘. He thinks that every man has the capacity to live an extraordinary life, and that what has been missing is a resource to support them in doing so. His aim is to support, challenge and empower men to live that extraordinary life.

Michael committed years ago to live an extraordinary life, himself, and he lives his dream as an entrepreneur and radio show host.

In this wide ranging interview he looks at the challenges which have brought him to the work he does with men today. He describes his latest project, a TV show for men.

Main Points of the Interview

  • 4:46 – How a dream turned into a nightmare.
  • 5:36 – How a decision can change your life.
  • 8:11 – In life you choose who you want to be and you move toward that.
  • 12:02 – It’s about men connecting to their essence, who they really are.
  • 19:54 – You have to define what it means to be a man for yourself.
  • 23:50 – The crisis that men are in is setting them up for a shift to a new masculinity.
  • 29:02 – It’s an illusion to think that to be a man you must be non-emotional and disconnected.
  • 29:49 – As men you should be willing to look at unresolved emotional conflict.
  • 33:56 – If you are struggling in your relationship it will show up in every area of your life.
  • 34:07 – When men get courageous enough to do the work, other areas will transform as well.
  • 40:53 – One piece of advice for men – “Know Thyself”, everything begins with yourself.


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