Health, Fitness and Masculinity

What Is Obesity

Obesity is almost a swear word, it is not something you say about someone to their face. What is obesity? What is it all about other than you are fat? What does it mean for men? How serious a problem is it? A definition of obesity is that it is "a condition characterized by the…

Letting Go of the Need to be Mothered

Many men and women unconsciously collaborate in maintaining domination by men. One of the factors at the heart of this is men's need to be mothered by women. For the situation to change men need to let go of this need. Why is it that men continue to allow women to mother them? Why is…

MAS002 Lion Goodman

The Men Alive Show featuring Lion GoodmanA Recovering Narcissist Narcissism is a term from psychopathology, but it’s essentially a fancy term for extreme selfishness and, ultimately, narcissism is a win-lose game. Lion Goodman is CEO of the Luminary Leadership Institute. He has 35 years experience as a coach, counselor, and healer. Lion is the creator…

Being Young and Free—Causing Chaos

Being young and free... it is something I yearn for because I know I can never go back there. In truth I yearn for it with the knowledge and experience I have today. I never want to go back there in innocence and expectation. I never want to repeat the angst and the pain... I…

What Is The Point Of Creativity In Writing?

I have put my life into this site, Graham Reid Phoenix, and its predecessor, MaleXperience. I fill my mind with creative ideas and put them online. Why do I do it? What do I get out of it? What is the point of creativity in writing? On the whole there are only three reasons for…

MAS001 Jeff Brown

The Men Alive Show featuring Jeff BrownA Male Warrior in Transition The awakening man is a warrior of the heart, he moves from love and compassion, he is noble and responsible. Jeff will talk about how you can bring forward the healthy masculine of old while being comfortable in your vulnerability. Continue Reading

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