Health, Spirituality and Masculinity

Letting Go of the Need to be Mothered

Letting Go of the Need to be Mothered

Many men and women unconsciously collaborate in maintaining domination by men. One of the factors at the heart of this is men’s need to be mothered by women. For the situation to change men need to let go of this need. Continue Reading

Surrendering To Masculine Energy

Surrendering To Masculine Energy

Why do you need to surrender to masculine energy? There’s no denying it; the masculine energy is intense. In fact, masculine energy is sometimes scary, from a woman’s perspective. Of course, I won’t neglect to acknowledge that many modern women won’t relate to this notion. Some may not think masculine energy can be intense or even scary at times. Continue Reading

Being Young and Free—Causing Chaos

Being young and free... it is something I yearn for because I know I can never go back there. In truth I yearn for it with the knowledge and experience I have today. I never want to go back there in innocence and expectation. I never want to repeat the angst and the pain... I…

An Angry Man: Dealing with Anger vs Rage

How To Love An Angry Man - Part 2 Dear Dr. Jed, I’m worried about my husband. He’s angry all the time and blames me for everything that is wrong. He calls me names, yells at me, looks at me with such hatred, I want to disappear. He’s never hit me, but I’m afraid of…

How to Find Your Bliss: Joseph Campbell on a Fulfilling Life

“You have to learn to recognize your own depth.” In 1985, mythologist and writer Joseph John Campbell (March 26, 1904–October 30, 1987) sat down with legendary interviewer and idea-monger Bill Moyers for a lengthy conversation at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch in California. The result was an amazing journey into 'How To Find Your Bliss'. The…

What Is The Point Of Creativity In Writing?

I have put my life into this site, Graham Reid Phoenix, and its predecessor, MaleXperience. I fill my mind with creative ideas and put them online. Why do I do it? What do I get out of it? What is the point of creativity in writing? On the whole there are only three reasons for…

MAS001 Jeff Brown

The Men Alive Show featuring Jeff BrownA Male Warrior in Transition The awakening man is a warrior of the heart, he moves from love and compassion, he is noble and responsible. Jeff will talk about how you can bring forward the healthy masculine of old while being comfortable in your vulnerability. Continue Reading

How To Love Yourself—The Key to your Amazing Future

Men are often confused about themselves. Men frequently think that they are unimportant. Men think loving is for women. Men will look at you in horror if you talk to them about how to love yourself. That is so sad! Do you know what love is? Do you know who you are? Can you honestly…


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